Many small business owners have asked me “What does an admin assistant do?”

That’s when I realized that some business owners don’t distinguish between revenue generating tasks and non-revenue generating tasks. Simply put, if an activity is not helping you generate revenue then it should be performed by someone else.

Clearly, time is at a premium when you’re running a business, so ask yourself: “Is this the best use of my time?” Hiring a freelance administrative assistant is the perfect solution. It allows you to focus on key tasks and delegate everything else.

Here are some examples of tasks that can be handled by your administrative assistant:

  • Emails and Phone Calls – handling routine phone messages and making decisions based on their importance; managing emails that are routine correspondence and flagging urgent emails for immediate attention.
  • CRM and Contacts – setting up CRM pipelines and milestones and ensuring contact information is up to date.
  • Presentations – formatting and reviewing presentations to ensure a uniform look, and proofreading to catch mistakes.
  • Web Research – Investigating and researching subjects on the Internet including potential customers, strategic partners and competitive intelligence gathering.
  • Office equipment – coordinating the maintenance and repair of office equipment including computers, printers, copiers etc.
  • Website – serving as the main point of contact for inquiries; monitoring the site to ensure company information is updated and accurate, and being the liaison with the web designer.
  • File management – maintaining and organizing Dropbox and similar filing systems to ensure you (and others in your organization) can find important documents.
Delegating these tasks to your administrative assistant will save you valuable time. It will lower your anxiety and allow you to focus on things only you can do for customers.