The day I told my husband that employment with my last company had a definite end-date, was the day that he suggested I start a virtual assistance company. The year spent working toward launching ProTem Executive Assistance was very exciting; stressful, but exciting. Caught up in the busy-ness of a new venture, ensuring all the necessary pieces were in place, I didn’t think of the things I would need to do that I was uncomfortable doing – like blogging.

There we were at Tim Horton’s, computer on the table, brainstorming eight ways to promote my business and, not for the first time, he mentions blogging. I have never been a good writer. I can put thoughts down with no spelling mistakes, but that doesn’t make it riveting reading. So I did what anyone would do – I Googled it. There’s a great article at about the structure of a good blog, but I was looking for what Google couldn’t offer – a subject that I was comfortable writing about.

An idea came to me while walking my dog. Actually, I was having a conversation with myself, going over everything that happened this year, arguing with myself about stepping outside of my comfort zone, when I opened the voice notes app on my phone and started recording. Using voice notes is perfect for me because it allows me to think out loud and put raw thoughts down to organize later.

So, lesson learned: don’t forget to use tried and true methods to get you there, especially when attempting something new. And here it is: my first blog.