Document & Report Layout

Your reports are a reflection of you and your business. Documents are better positioned if:

  • the layout is consistent and easy to follow
  • it’s easy to navigate, especially when it’s over 200 pages
  • a second set of eyes has reviewed the content to spot inconsistencies, confusing phraseology, etc. and
  • your branding is clear.

Focus your time and money on business growth and outsource report and document layouts to ProTem Consulting.

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Administration Consulting

You started your business because you’re good at what you do. But the number of solutions available to help you run your business can be overwhelming. 

I can help you find solutions that are:

  • tailored to the way you work
  • intuitive and consistent
  • integrated with your day-to-day activities
  • best practices to stay organized and productive

And if you’re looking to hire a virtual assistant, but don’t know what you will delegate, defining processes and procedures can help identify those tasks and possibly automate them, making it clear whether you need an assistant or not.

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As a self-employed business owner, I occasionally need assistance with administrative matters. I have struggled to find the right fit for a casual, part-time assistant, but with Karen’s help I have been able to streamline processes, be more organized, and ultimately eliminate the need for an assistant. From time management, to best practices for dealing with emails and repetitive tasks, and sound advice, Karen has made me feel like I am the master of my domain. I will use her services again in the future when I feel my process needs tweaking or need her advice as an admin expert. Thanks Karen!

Terri McDougall

Collaborative Divorce Solutions

Client Projects

Overwhelmed and Overworked?

“Jordan” is a successful CEO with growing a company. He’s always been proud of the company he built, but a flat organizational structure, his open door policy and over-flowing email inbox made it impossible to get his own work done.

ProTem worked with Jordan to set up more efficient process, which included filtering and delegating messages, liaising with recruiters, acting as CRM administrator, and overseeing his calendar. Now Jordan can concentrate on strategy and operations.

Desperate to Delegate?

You’re overseeing operations and taking care of your clients. How do you step away even for a few days without the wheels falling off the bus?

It happened to this business owner. While away doing necessary site visits, his office manager went on leave and the replacement decided at the last minute that the job was too much to handle. All of a sudden, there was no one to quote on projects, issue invoices, or even ensure things ran smoothly. As a result? The business almost faced bankruptcy.

ProTem helped the owner create a plan so when he was away from the office, the business would continue to run. The result? He was even able to get away on his honeymoon for a couple of well-deserved weeks of rest.

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