Tailored administration solutions that allow business leaders to focus on higher value activities



What is your top pain point that gets in the way of gaining clients and navigating growth?

Time can’t be recovered but how you manage it will drive your business. 

I provide tailored support to business owners and CEOs who want to maintain steady growth and productivity. 

Outsourcing your project support needs is the right decision when you don’t want the expense of hiring full-time staff. It also provides flexibility if you don’t require year-round support, and allows you to stay focussed on the key aspects of your business.

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“While I was on vacation, Karen provided temporary executive assistant support. I felt relaxed and confident knowing that my administrative needs were in her capable hands. She was extremely flexible and willing to step in and do what was needed. Frankly, it also makes me look good to have a professional, well-spoken person acting on my behalf.”

Jeanette Bicknell, Ph.D., C.Med

Principled Dispute Resolution and Consulting

When the pandemic hit, our corporate office no longer required a full-time Office Manager and Karen stepped in to assist on a part-time basis.  She quickly took charge and adjusted the work-flow and administrative tasks to two half days in the office and provided additional support to the team on an as-needed basis remotely.  Karen worked with minimal supervision and introduced a number of improvements, including documenting and updating office procedures and processes enabling the office to effectively function within the adjusted schedule. She found opportunities to reduce costs and also introduced environmentally friendly practices and products. Karen is professional, well-organized, reliable, and a self-starter. She is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her services.

Karen Walsh

VP People & Organizational Development, Harte Gold Corp.

I was struggling without administrative staff, and she offered to sit down and discuss some ways to help me get through this period. I was between administrative staff and was in need of some quick assistance to stay organized. Karen offered some amazing advice to help me get through the next few weeks before my new administrative help was to start.
…Being an independent business owner, so many little things can build up quickly and it can be difficult to always keep everything organized. Her calm, organized perspective was exactly what I needed.
I definitely recommend Karen for anyone that is looking to stay organized in their business!

Karl Klos

Klos Concepts